About Us

Philicka, house of plaids

The most beautiful products in the world are all sourced from nature. Périgord truffles, flawless diamonds, the softest leather… All of these are as scarce as they are luxurious. The cashmere wool we use in our plaids is on that same level.

Textile family

As a true textile family, we are very familiar with the properties of fibres, threads and yarns. We are well acquainted with our weavers who have been passing down their trade from one generation to the next for centuries. And we love sustainable products, made with the best materials nature has to offer. Our range of plaids combines all of these elements.

Your cashmere moment

Philicka started out small; a mere handful of plaids, carefully developed step by step. We poured our love and attention to detail into every part of the process; sketching the designs, mixing up the shades, doing test runs and performing quality checks… Our objective is to create durable plaids that not only keep you warm, but add a measure of beauty, comfort, and luxury to your life as well. Plaids for your cashmere moment!   


Our brand name is multi-layered and has several different meanings:

– Philharmonic: a harmonious life.
– Fika: the untranslatable Swedish concept of a moment of rest.
– Flicka: the wild horse from the movie.
– Philippa: meaning ‘she who loves horses’.