Deodora cashmere plaid - red

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Woven with a cheerful mixed weft thread on a natural white wrap thread as a  counterpart.  

Size: 140 x 180 cm with fringes at the top and bottom.


Plaid Deodorant has a twined weft featuring multiple colors. The wrap of the fabric is white to provide some contrast. The weave is three-dimensional, with the twined weft contributing to the overall blended effect.  

This plaid will last a lifetime! Deodora is a wonderful plaid to use at any moment of the day, all year round. Cashmere is a premium-quality wool. It is a breathable fabric, meaning that it does nog get too stuffy, and it is soft without being itchy. Lastly, cashmere is easy to keep clean with very little effort!

Spoil yourself or a loved one with this durable, timeless plaid, for your daily dose of beauty luxury and comfort. 


25% Cashmere wool and 75% lana wool.


Follow the rules and have a blanket for life. Check out our “About cashmere” page.